Bruna Marquezine – Brazilian actress who dates Neymar

Bruna Marquezine on IMDBabes Bruna Marquezine is am 18 years old soap opera actress, who became famous for dating the Brazilian soccer player Neymar. She has the typical Brazilian girl features: a stunning body and a very charismatic presence. She was born in August 4, 1995, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and her real name is Bruna Reis Maia. This lovely girl is 1,73m tall (about 5'8") and 56kg.

Bruna Marquezine began her acting career when she was just 5 years old,  when she was invited to play a kid in the Brazilian soap opera "Mulheres Apaixonadas". Before that, she had been featured on TV commercials and have participate on other smaller TV shows.  Since then, Bruna has been on several other famous soap operas, currently being the main star on "Em Família", what has consolidate her career as a big and important actress. She has also worked as a model and have been in numerous photo shoots and fashion events.

The Brazilian bombshell has been on and off and on again with Neymar many times. They have broken up a few times due to discussions and jealousy events. Currently, rumors are they have been dating, but far from the spotlights. Their relationship made her internationally famous, having pics all over the web, from news and gossip websites to image boards and forums. You can occasionally see some bikini gifs of her on Imgur, leaving everybody wondering "who is this girl?". She is known on Imgur as the fridge girl, for one of her famous gifs in a bikini opening the fridge.

On the web, Bruna Marquezine is a real sensation, having more than 5.5 million fans on her official Facebook page, plus almost 4 million on her Instagram and 1.8 million on her Twitter profile. She tries to give some attention to her fans and answer them as much as possible on her social media profiles.

Bruna Marquezine pics

And here is a gif of her playing soccer, from one of her soap operas: Bruna Marquezine at the beach gif

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