Vica Kerekes – Famous redhead with a red dress playing pool

Vica Kerekes on IMDBabes You probably have already wondered about this woman. She is famous all over the web with gifs and videos from the Czech movie Men In Hope (original name "Muži v naději" 2011), a romantic comedy. She's the stunning redhead with a red dress playing pool. Well, the name of this beauty is Vica Kerekes. Actually her real name is Eva Kerekes and she's an Slovak actress, even though she made movies in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. She is known by Vica Kerekes, since "Vica" is a nickname used in Hungary for the name "Eva". And she is also referred to as Vica Kerekésová, Vica Kerekešová, Kerekes Vica or even the Hungarian Christina Hendricks.

Vica Kerekes was born in 28 March 1981, what makes this incredible redhead 33 years old. She is from the city of Fil'akovo (Fulek in Hungarian), Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia). Her mother and father Maďarka is half Hungarian and half Slovak, which is why she's often referred as Hungarian. That combination worked perfectly for her. Vica Kerekes started acting in primary school, where she discovered her main passion in life. In 2001 Vica moved to Budapest, Hungary, after  studying at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. There she met her husband Csaba Vigh, an artist and art photographer.

Before becoming an actress, Vica Kerekes worked as a reporter for cultural events, did some performing arts gigs and even tried to apply to police academy, but failed. We are glad she became an actress and we can see the scenes of this incredible looking woman.

Check out a gif from a movie scene from the movie Men in Hope:

Eva Vica Kekeres red dress gif from Men in Hope

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Eva Vica Kerekes pics

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