McKayla Maroney – The “Not Impressed” meme gymnast

McKayla Maroney on IMDBabes McKayla Maroney is a very talented American artistic gymnast, specialized in vaulting and floor exercises. Although being an incredibly good athlete, McKayla became mostly known for her "not impressed" face at the 2012 Olympics, which became an internet meme. Maroney went along with it and still poses as the famous "not impressed" picture that made her famous all across the web. Not only McKayla Marony has been developing her amazing talent, but she has been doing a wonderful job growing up, getting more beautiful each day.

Born in December 9, 1995, on California, McKayla Maroney is 18 years old and 5'5" tall. McKayla brilliant career started at the age of 2, when her parents thought it would be a good idea to put her in gymnastics because of all her energy. At the age of 9, she started her training at the Gym-Max in Costa Mesa, California, realizing her dream was going to the Olympics. Since then, McKayla has won several international competitions for the United States, including the 2011 World Championships (she won gold in the team and vault competitions), the 2012 Summer Olympics (gold medal with the U.S. Women Gymnastic team) and the 2012 Olympics (winning the second place and her famous silver medal). The young gymnast also defended her World Title, winning the gold medal on vault again on the 2013 World Championships.

It was on the 2012 Olympics that she became web-famous, turning out to be a meme named "McKayla is not impressed". She was photographed on the podium with a kind of disappointed look, with her lips pursed to the side. That pic went viral and people started to make memes and to Photoshop her into funny situations. Not only Tumblr blogs and website were dedicated to that meme, but McKayla was invited to The Late Show with David Letterman, Dancing to the Stars, Extra and even invited to met the United States Presidente Barack Obama at the White House. There, McKayla Maroney and Obama posed together for a photo, both making the "not impressed" expression.

McKayla Maroney has also tried her hand at acting, debuting in the CW television series "Hart of Dixie", on November 20, 2012. She made 3 appearances on total on that show. After that, on December 2013, Maroney made an appearance on the TV show "Bones", on Fox, where she played a gymnast suspect of a murder.

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