Michelle Jenneke – The cute warmp-up hurdler from Australia

Michelle Jenneke on IMDBabes The question everybody has been asking since the 2012's Barcelona 100 metres hurdles heat at the 2012 Junior World Championships is: who is that hurdler from Australia with that cute warm-up dance? Well, her name is Michelle Jenneke and she's from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She's currently 21 years old and was born in 3 June 1993.

Michelle Jenneke warm-up dancing was captured by the local TVs and became a real internet sensation on july 2012, hitting more than 20 million views on Youtube. Numerous gifs and video compilations were made and share across the web and Michelle became known as the Australian "Dancing Hurdler".

Just in case you've missed it (where were you in the last two years?), here's are a couple of gifs for you:

Michelle Jenneke warming up before race Michelle Jenneke warming up

Although Michelle only got the fifth position that day on Barcelona, she surely became more famous for the warm-up dance then for if she had won the first place.

Michelle Jenneke has been constructing a solid career with some highlights like the Silver medal on the 100 metres hurdles at Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games and the third place in the 100 metres furdles at 2011 Australian Open Track & Field Championships. She's also the reigning NSW Open Champion and current Australian Junior Champion. Another remarkable achievement was getting the second place at the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, being only 17 years old.

Since her warm-up went viral, Michelle Jenneke had other remarkable achievements, although not related to her sports career. Such as her role in the comedy video "Forever Alone Meets Michelle Jenneke", produced by the website The Chive, her being ranked tenth on 2013's AskMen.com's 99 Most Desirable Women and staring as one of the athletes featured in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Her personal interest and hobbies are tree climbing, taking care of her many pet dogs and cats and hanging out with her friends. She says on interviews that her passion for hurdling came very early in her life, as she can remember being two years old and lining up her teddy bears for jumping practice at her parent's home. Sign up to our email list and be notified when we post new babes! Or you can follow our Facebook page. 😉

Michelle Jenneke pics

And a video compilation of her famous warm-up and the full race:
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