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Dalin Cosplay on IMDBabes Dalin Cosplay is a famous Mexican cosplayer who lives in Mexico City. She's a incredibly beautiful girl who loves anime, manga and videogames. One of Dalin's most famous cosplays is her Morrigan costume, from Darkstalkers, which you can see in the gallery at the end of the post. You won't regret it. Seriously.

This lovely Mexican girl makes her own costumes, although she has a friend that helps her with some props. Dalin Cosplay has impersonated many other famous characters. You probably seen her around dressed as  X-23 from X-Men, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Black Widow from The Avengers, Miss Marvel, X-23, , Juliet Starling from Lollypop Chainsaw, Black Cat, and many others.

Dalin has been cosplay for over 4 years now. She has said on interviews that she used to love video games as a child, specially games like Rival School and King of Fighters. When she was only 12 years old, Dalin Cosplay met a Chun-Li cosplayer at a convention and decided that was what she wanted to do in her life. Nowadays, Dalin is really well-known in the cosplaying world as she attends to many events and conventions. She has over 50 thousand likes on her Facebook page and almost 10 thousand followers on Dalin Cosplay's Twitter account.

Her favorite movies are The Shinning, Dawn of the Dead, Wayne's World and 28 weeks later, as state on Dalin Cosplay's devianART page. As for games, her main favorites are Silent Hill, Samurai Showdown, Rival School, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil, Catherine, Parasite Eve, King of Fighters and Tekken. A really great selection!

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Dalin Cosplay pics

And if you want to see her in motion, check out the video below where Dalin cosplay invites peoples to a Comic Con in Mexico.

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