Enji Night – The Hungarian Supergirl!

Enji Night beautiful supergirl cosplay Enji Night is one of those perfect girls. She's 22 years old and not only she’s a great cosplayer and beautiful model, this cutie is a costume designer and make her own outfits, all of them. And the most awesome thing: she’s Hungarian, from Budapest. She can speak many languages, like Hungarian, Russian and English. Enji's real name is Anna Rédei and you can find her cosplays all over the web, mostly her supergirl cosplay which is her trademark, alongside with her Yoko Littner costume, Ms. Marvel, Jill Valentine, Chun-Li, Powergirl, Alice, Videl and many others! She's known for being a very versatile cosplayer.

The lovely Enji Night has been cosplaying since 2009, when she started making her first costumes. She's currently one of the non-American most famous cosplayers. Enji has said on interviews that some of her costumes have taken more than 7 weeks to get done and she loves doing them. And her dedication is really shown on the perfect details of her outfits. Enji has an unique and very delicate beauty, combine with a perfect all natural body, the main reasons why she has been also very successful in her modeling career. She frequently make appearances in cosplay conventions and events as a participant but also as guest.

Enji Night loves to take suggestions from her many Facebook fans on new costumes to work on for her cosplaying career (She has more than 200.000 followers on FB!) Enji Night is very found of animes (which she's been watching since she was 13 years old and inspired her to be a cosplayer), manga, games and all those geek stuff we also love. She has said on interviews that she loves to play Ragnarok and Word of Warcraft. She's probably the most perfect girl ever, right?

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Enji Night pics

And be sure the check out her Super Girl video to the Pharrell's song "Happy" that went viral, you won't regret it.

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