Jessica LG – Pure cuteness in a stunning cosplayer body

Jessica LG as Wonder Woman at Comic Con Jessica Lynn Gonzalez (or Jessica LG) is pure cuteness in a stunning cosplayer body that lives in Miami, Florida. Asides from being a cosplayer, this lovely girl is also a graphic designer and animation graduate student. Jessica has always loved both nerd culture and performing arts. She started reading comic books since she was 9 years old and worked with theater tech since 10 and all through high school and college. So the mix of these two activities resulted in her cosplay addiction. Jessica says cosplaying gives her the opportunity of doing what she loves, which is prop designing and sort of acting. She even went to college to graduate on set and prop design.

Jessica started her cosplaying career doing costumes based on the character she loved as a child, such as Rogue from X-men, Black Widow from Avengers, Elastic Girl from the movie Incredibles and many others. Or as she puts it, badass chicks that she personally love. She says now that what attracts her on a new project is the complexity of the costume and what she can change and create on top of that. Jessica LG has brought to life more than 30 different costumes in the last 3 years.

Asides from her signature cosplay with the World War II Wonder Woman costume (which was inspired by Watchmen and the superhero propaganda aesthetic), Jessica has many famous ones like Scarlet Witch, Kitty Pride, Shadowcat, Hawk girl, among others. Jessica attends to a lot of comic conventions such as Comic Con and make appearances on other special events. And since she loves to perform, Jessica LG says she really enjoy the photoshoots with her costumes, mostly because it's when she can really apply the vision she had for that character.

And she's also a Trekkie and cinephile. Pretty amazing, right?

Jessica LG pics

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