Jessie (Cosplay Butterfly) – Our favorite Cat Woman

Jessie "Cosplay Butterfly" with a Cat Woman costume Also known on the web as Cosplay Butterfly, Jessie is a Canadian cosplayer currently living on Ontario, Canada. Although we couldn't find her age anywhere, her birthday is on July 8. Jessie Butterfly took the internet by storm on the last few days with a pic in her Cat Woman costume. Her cosplay picture was vastly shared on a lot of image boards like Reddit and Imgur, among others. Although she has the looks and the talent for it, Jessie doesn't see herself as a professional model, but as a hobbyist. She said on interviews that she worked as a waitress to pay the bills. We bet that withlooking like she does must get her a lot of tips.

Jessie has been cosplaying with her best friend since she was 12, but she started taking that hobby to a whole new level just 2 years ago. She has decided to take her cosplay enthusiasm professionally and created a Deviant Art page and social media profiles. Although Jessie says she can't sew and usually gets help from friends with that part, she does a bunch of other stuff related to costume making. You can spot Cosplay Butterfly in nerd/geek conventions and events between Canada and the United States. Her most famous cosplay costumes are Emma Frost, Samus, Female Robin and Cat Woman, among many others.

Asides from cosplaying, this stunning blonde has a wide variety of interest, most of them geek/nerd related, like drawing, painting, photography, games (favorites: World of Warcraft, Terra, Dead Space, Soul Calibur and  Catherine), books and TV series (favorites: Game of Thrones, Spartacus, The Walking Dead, Modern Family and Breaking Bad). Jessie has also an adventurous side, as she practices extreme sports like rock climbing and kayaking.

Jessie (Cosplay Butterfly) pics

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