Kato – Most famous Steampunker on the web

Kato on IMDBabes Known on the web as Kato (or steampunk Kato), this exotic girl real name is Kate Lambert. She is a British model, fashion designer and entrepreneur. Although being born in Wales, Great Britain, Kato lives in the United States since 2007, on Portland, Oregon. Kate Lambert is widely known for her steampunk photoshoots, being considered the supermodel of steampunk.

For those of you not familiarized with the steampunk culture, it's a sub-genre of science fiction. It's often set in an alternative history where the industrialized 19th century Western civilization advances were focused on steam-powered machinery. A more mainstream example would be the movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith. Like a lot of sub cultures, the steampunk community is much bigger than you would think. And Kato is like a goddess for those people. She was even the inspiration for the comic heroine Lady Mechanika.

Kato says that her love for the Victorian fashion style is probably credited to her growing up in a Victorian rectory behin a 13th century cemetery. Her work as fashion designer for the steampunk community got a lot of recognition and it was featured on several books on steampunk art and fashion, including International Steampunk Fashions.

In 2005, Kato founded the first steampunk clothing company in the world, the "Steampunk Couture". Her company produces high-quality, custom-fit clothing, jewely and accessories on the genre of steampunk. Kate Lambert is also a writer for Ladies of Steampunk and LoSP Bronze Age magazines. It's very cool that a sub culture can have so many followers and can also generate real income for some people. That's what they say, if you love something, no matter what it is, and you do it with all your heart, you can actually create a business and make a living on that. And Kato is a great example of that.

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