Katyuska MoonFox – Our Favorite Aussie Cosplay Beauty

matsumoto cosplay from bleach by Katyuska MoonFox Katyuska MoonFox (also known as Moonfox Ultima) is an amazing cosplayer girl from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Katyuska is 20 years old, 5'4'' tall and 130 lbs. Although her main interest is cosplaying, this hazel-eyed beauty says she also open to "normal" modeling jobs. Katyuska MoonFox is one of the most recognized cosplayer girls in the world and her fanpage on Facebok has over 700.000 fans.

Katyuska started cosplaying when she was just 14 years old, as suggested by a friend of hers. She always liked video games and animes, so it quickly grew on her and became her main hobby and occupation. Although she makes her own costumes, she usually gets a lot of help from a friend that makes accessories and props for her. Katyuska says she is really bad in working with props. As told by her, Kasumi from Dead or Alive is her favorite character to cosplay. Katyuska MoonFox has many others famous cosplays with pictures shared all over the web. Some of them are her Yoko Littner cosplay, Tsunade from Naruto, Matsumoto from Bleach, Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Tifa from Final Fantasy and many many others. Personally, I would say her Yoko Littner one is my favorites.

The internet has been a wonderful tool for Katyuska, as she can share her pics, listen to fans suggestions and find new works. She gets tons of comments everyday on her Facebook page. Katyuska MoonFox is easily spotted on cosplay conventions and geek/nerd events in Australia (and sometimes on other countries too). She's a great example of awesome cosplayers outside of the US, just like Enji Night and Nadya Sonika. Katyuska says her dream would be to model for video game companies, which I think would be really cool and she fit perfectly.

Katyuska MoonFox pics

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