Kelly Jean – Lovely cosplayer and Twitch broadcaster from UK

Kelly Jean on IMDBabes Kelly Jean is a lovely cosplayer from the UK, who is recently getting a lot of attention from her Twitch channel. Kelly has been cosplaying for over 8 years and can also been seen as a judge or guest at UK conventions. She's good friends with Jessica Nigri and Meg Turney, other stunning cosplayers featured here. Be sure to check out her gallery at the end of the post. 😉

This stunning blonde first got into cosplay when she saw pictures of Sailor Moon cosplayers on the web. She quickly became fascinated and since then she had made over 20 costumes. Among her favorites are Poison from Street Fighter, Rogue from X-Men, Katarina from League of Legends, Lilith from Borderlands and Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury (which is our favorite btw).

Kelly Jean has became widely known because of her Twitch channel, where she 15.6k followers. Part of ASUS UK stream team and there she broadcast her gaming sessions, mostly League of Legends games. Some people criticize her clothes since she likes to wear a cleavage when she's streaming. Nevertheless, Kelly takes it really well and recently made a statement on her Facebook page about that subject, saying that she will wear whatever pleases her. Kelly Jean Facebook page has over 276k fans and her Twitter profile 16.2k more.

Kelly Jean streaming

Kelly is not only really good broadcaster and costume maker, but she has a lot of other talents. She also sings and write songs in a band called Rexon and model for Level up Wear and Angels the costumiers.

Below you can see a pic of Kelly Jean at the Gibson contest. Awesome!

Kelly Jean playing on her band Rexon

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Kelly Jean pics


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