Kitty Honey – Cute cosplay girl from Argentina

Kitty Honey on IMDBabes Kitty Honey is an Argentinian cosplayer and model from Corrientes. With a stunning exotic look, this cosplaying babe is a big success on the web and her cosplay pics are all over image boards and forums. Kitty grew up in Argentina and started her cosplay career 6 years ago, influenced by a cosplay contest she saw in a comics and manga magazine. Kitty decided then to go as one of the sailors of the Sailor Moon anime, one of her favorites from when she was a child. She has said on interviews that the cosplaying name "Kitty Honey" is derived from her favorite anime character, "Cute Honey" from Go Nagai.  She says she loves the character because she always changing her appearance and that's what cosplay means to Kitty.

This lovely cosplayer runs her own cosplay shop, where she sell cosplay stuff like props, wigs, costumes and anime merchandising. She also goes to university, although we have no info on what she's graduating in. Kitty Honey presents herself as a true fangirl of comic books, anime, manga, and sci-fi classics like Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who and Twilight Zone, one of her all time favorites. On comic books, her favorites are Spiderman, X-men, Witchblade, The Invisibles, Sandman and Watchmen. A really cool selection if you ask us.

As a true geek, Kitty is also into videogames, specially the classics like NES. She loves fighting games like Darkstalkers and Street Fighters, as well of first person shooting games. Oh, and she dances Tango, which is kind of a cliche since shes from Argentina, but it's awesome indeed.

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Kitty Honey pics

And if you want to see a little bit of her in motion and hear her voice, here's a video interview of Kitty Honey in a cosplay event (it's in Spanish):

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