LeeAnna Vamp – The Ghoul of your Dreams

LeeAnna Vamp LeeAnna Vamp is an American model, cosplayer, actress and host. Or as she defines herself: the Ghoul of your Dreams. She is 5'9'', 110 lbs, and lives in Temecula, California. Like an female vampire, LeeAnna is edgy, sexy, dark and glamorous. She has very unique style with her vampiery (is that even a word?) look. With her dark hair, brown eyes and a stunning slim figure, she looks like a temptress from a terror movie. LeeAnna Vamp loves to wear fangs not only as a prop but as a fashion piece, and you can spot her in conventions like ComicCon and other nerd/geek events. Who wouldn't want to be attacked by her?

Not only LeeAnna is a high fashion model and an aspiring actress, but the vampire girl hosts the Youtube shows "I Love Nerd Girls" and "Fiends Forever", both with a good web audience. She has made appearance in movies and TV shows, and her include Resident Evil: Down with the Sickness (2012), and TV series VGHS Video Game High School (2012). LeeAnna has also been featured on IGN on the Babeology series, as well on a huge variety of websites.

Our Southern California "Vamptress" girl defines herself as a "total nerd at heart" since she grew up loving all the classics from TV, games and toys from the 80's. She loves Sci-Fi (she's a Trekkie!), Fantasy and Horror genres (bet you could figure it out this one for yourself, right?). As a cosplayer, she is mostly known around the web and conventions for her Lara Croft, Mario, Bobba Fett, Chewbacca and Wookie costumes, all of them spiced with a sexy touch. There are a lot of her pics around the internet, specially her photoshoots with Star Wars swimsuits which are very shared across the web.

LeeAnna Vamp pics

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