Lia SSSniperWolf – We found our dream girl!

Lia "SSSniperWolf" on IMDBabes Today we present you Lia SSSniperWolf, an incredibly cute web celeb and cosplayer. You may have seen her around with that stunning Jessie cosplay from Team Rocket. So we may give you a warning: her other pics are also pretty impressive! You should take a look at the gallery at the end of the post. 😉

When we began looking for Lia's info, we immediately fell in love with her. An incredibly good-looking gamer girl with a taste for stuning cosplays? We think she may have achieve perfection. Lia's nickname is SSSniperWolf or just Wolf, and she has been a gamer since she was a 6 year old. She said her first "game" was actually Jam Pack, which was a disc for the ps1 that had demos of different games. Lia is now 21 years old and lives in Arizona. She is a real sensation online and her Facebook page has over 141.5k fans. Also, Lia SSSniperWolf Instagram has 180k followers and her Twitter profile, 160k more. Lia likes to share photos of her daily life and her cosplays. Lucky for us!

Even though she has tons of followers on those social networks, Lia is best known on Youtube, where her channel SSSniperWolf has over 934k subscribers. Her videos are pretty awesome, despite the fact that she talks extremelly fast. Anyways, it's safe to say she's a real web celebrity and her videos get tons of views. Oh, and Wolf also broadcasts on Twitch.

Besides from her Jessie from Team Rocket cosplay, Lia SSSniperWolf  also likes to dress up as Hinata from Naruto, Kagome from Inuyasha, Bulma from Dragon Ball, Poison Ivy from Batman, female Mario and many others.

Lia SSSniperWolf pics

And here is a video from Lia SSSniperWolf's Youtube channel:

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