Linda Le – A.K.A Vampy Bit Me

Vampy Bit Me on IMDBabes To continue building our gallery of amazing cosplayer girls, we bring you today Linda Le, although there's a big chance you know her by the nickname Vampy Bit Me. This 28 years old Asian beauty lives in San Jose, California, where she learned how to make costumes for her awesome cosplays. Later on, Linda Le went abroad to London and Japan to improve her studies, coming back again to the United States, where she's continuously improving herself and building up her career. You can book Linda Le/Vampy for shows, events, prop-costuming and modeling photoshoots.

With just 5'2" and 90 lbs of pure cuteness, Vampy Bit Me is one of the most known girls in the cosplayer scene. She brought to life many awesome characters like Kratos, Nico Robin, Chun-Li, Spider Women, Black Widow, Morrigan from Dark Stalkers and Psylocke (one of her favorites), to name a few. The list goes on and on. Vampy said on interviews that her interest in the geek/nerd universe began in her childhood, since she grew up with two brothers, playing  a lot of videogames and reading animes with them.

Linda was discovered by the Japanese toy company called Kotobukiya which featured her in the cosplay showcase book Otacool 2, a worldwide success. Her love for toys led her to artistic collaborations in works with KusoVinyl, Sideshow Toy's Tim Miller, Nakanari for Gibson Guitar and other companies around the globe.

Linda Le sees herself as a child that will never grow up, being proud of that. For her being a professional cosplayer is real fun, like living forever on Halloween.

Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me) pics

Or check out her interview on the video below. You can see Linda Le is a very nice and cute girl.

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