Nadya Sonika – Mexican cosplayer beauty

image Nadya Sonika (real name Nadya Anton) is a Mexican cosplayer and model from the Juarez City. Nadya is best known for her amazing superhero cosplays and some awesome gender bending costumes. Nadya has been a cosplayer for more than 6 years and does her own outfits from scratch, from the design to the confection itself. She has made several appearances in events and conventions in Mexico and the United States (like the San Diego Comic Con) wearing her awesome costumes. Nadya was one of t he finalists on the 2011 Mexico World Cosplay Summit.

Nadya’s most famous cosplay is probably her female version of Cyclops, that went viral on the web and you've probably seen in a lot of places. But Nadya Sonika has a lot of other famous cosplays, like the female version of Gambit, Terry Bogard from King of Fighters, Black Canary from DC Comics, Supergirl, Poison and many many more  (it's been more than 40 different costumes since she began her cosplaying career in 2006). Nadya Sonika is one of the most famous non-American female cosplayers, alongside with Enji Night. Not only she is very talented, she is sweet and charismatic, what makes her fanbase to grow each day.

Asides from cosplaying, her main interests are Industrial design, Draw, Sing, Kpop, Jpop, Games, magnets, PC, Art Nouveau, Arquitecture, Shoping, Cello, Italian food, Spa, Swarovski, H&M, UFC, overgroundcomics, forest, California, languages, games and comics. She also loves to sing, dance and travel. Nadya became a regular model in 2008, exploring her beauty and incredible body to earn some money (no shame in that , I think a lot of cosplayers could benefit from a model career also).

Nadya Sonika pics

Want to see her in motion? Check out this video of Nadya Sonika interview at 2013 Phoenix Comic Con:

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