Nicole Jean Meyers AKA Nicolette Noir – Stunning curvy girl

Nicole Jean Meyers on IMDBabes Nicole Meyers is an American amateur model known for her lovely curves, which she is very proud of. Her full name is Nicole Jean Meyers, although she has been using the artistic name Nicolette Noir, specially for her cosplaying modelling. She's the famous girl with a Star Wars t-shirt and a Ewok tattoo on her thigh holding a Nintendo. Nicole Meyers is 24 years old, 5'4" and 140 lbs. This lovely curvy girl is from Dubuque, Iowa.

With a beautiful figure, Nicole Jean Meyers measurements are 34" - 28" - 37". She defends the appreciation of different women bodies, not only skinny types. Nicole Meyers is very confident about her body and you got to love her for that. There's nothing like a confident woman. She started modelling doing pin-up portraits and promotional ads, and now it seems like she's investing her time in a cosplaying career, which is awesome.

As Nicolette Noir, her cosplaying alter ego, she have beautifully portrait a lot of cool characters, such as Black Widow from The Avengers, Princess Leia from Star Wars, Cammy and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Dark Phoenix from X-men and many others. She loves comics and video games and seem like a true geek girl. You came to the right place to find more Nicolette Noir pics. Check out the end of the post.

Nicole is a huge fan of the Star Wars series, as you can see by her tattoos. Her pics with Star Wars t-shirts are widely shared on forums and image boards across the web. Another famous picture of Nicole Jean Meyers is the one she's wearing a Wonder Woman swimsuit. Some people accuse her of being a poser and not a real geek or gamer girl, just because she's beautiful and likes to share her pics. That's kind of mean, since I don't think someone would have Star Wars tattoos if her didn't have a strong relation to it.

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Nicole Jean Meyers pics

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