Raychul Moore – She lives the dream life

Raychul Moor with a Slave Princess Leia costume Raychul Moore is a beautiful girl with great jobs. She lives everybody’s dream life, playing games, cosplaying and hosting a show on Youtube for a living. Ok, maybe "everybody's dream life" is a little too much, but I know all the geeks/nerd out there can related to what I'm saying. And Raychul also has a weekly show on Machinima co-hosted with Seth Hendrix and Dave Klein. The girl is a true geek and earns her life being herself and doing her hobbies. She recently did a 24 hour livestream, just playing games, for Extra-life.

Moore lives in California and started her career as a games journalist, writing articles for several magazines like GamePro, EGM, GameZone.com and Machinima.com. One of Raychul’s main hobbies is cosplaying. She makes her own costumes and shows all her beauty and grace in several events and conventions like San Diego Comic Con. Her most famous cosplays are Cammy from Street Fighter, Slave Leia from Star Wars, a female version of Kratos from God of War and Nathan Drake from Uncharted. She's very talented and I guess her assets are a bit of a help also. Raychul said that If she had to choose a "normal work" that would be with forensics or psychology.

Raychul Moore's Youtube Channel has more than 60.000 subscribers. She says on interviews that being a girl in a "boys world" has given her some advantage at first, but sometimes she finds it hard to be taken seriously, just because she is a girl. Anyways, she was able to find her spot on the gaming world and her opinion is taken very seriously now.

And on top of it all Raychul is a huge Star Wars fan. I know, she’s to good to be true, right?

Raychul Moore pics

You can see her in motion showing her awesome apartment on the video below:

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