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Riki Riddle on IMDBabes Riki Riddle (or Riki LeCotey) is an awesome and very talented cosplayer that loves games and anime. Riddle was born in Canada but lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she makes herself the great outfits and costumes she wear at events and conventions. As said by herself, her main interests are costumes, food, anime, videogames, taking naps and making people laugh.

She has been working with costumes for over 14 years and is building herself a very nice portfolio, having worked in huge movies like Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son and X-men: First Class as a SfX Pa. On Riki Riddle’s list of achievements there are the participation on the SYFY’s reality show “Heroes of Cosplay” and the project “Cosplay for a Cause” (CFAC) which she created to raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross tsunami disaster relief. So you must be thinking by now she's pretty much the most perfect girl by ever, right?

As many female cosplayers, like Jessica Nigri and Nadya Sonika, Rikki Riddle likes gender bend cosplays, like her Loki and Thor costumes. She said that making a costume can take from a single month to 5 months, and sometimes even more. But Rikki says the good thing is that the only deadline she has is the ones she set upon herself, since she cosplays as a hobby.

Riki is recognized as one of the greatest cosplayers and costume makers in the United States. Among her many costumes, I would say the most famous ones are the Ms. Marvel one and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. But she has other remarkable ones like Black Cat, Rosette from Chrono Crusade, Rocketeers among others. Riki Riddle pics with her awesome costumes have taken over the web, and you'll probably see a lot of them on image board websites, like Imgur, Reddit and many more.

Riki Riddle pics

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