Tasha Cosplay – The Korean “Queen of Cosplay”

Tasha Cosplay on IMDBabes You've probably notice we have a weak spot for cosplayer girls here at IMDBabes. Today we bring you Tasha Cosplay, one of the most famous cosplayers in the world. This Lovely girl is from South Korea and although there isn't any information available on her age, her birthday is May 12. Tasha stated cosplaying when she was just 15 years old. She says on interviews that she went to an animation festival and saw people cosplaying for the first time. That's when Tasha realized her dream was to make her own costumes and to participate in those events and festivals.

Not only Tasha Cosplay make really elaborated costumes, but she also take incredible pics raising her cosplay activities to an art state. You've probably seen a lot of her famous cosplays and costumes around the web, across image boards like Reddit and Imgur and anime forums. Her most famous cosplays are Queen of Pain, from Dota 2, Alexstrasza, from World of Warcraft, Popstar Ahri, Katarina and Nidalee, from League of Legends, Kerrigan, from Starcraft (one of her most intricate cosplays), among many many others. Tasha says the costume she is the most proud of is her Boa Hancock, from the anime One Piece.

Tasha is currently a member of the Spiral Cats, a professional Korean cosplay team with tons of fans and followers across the world. They have their own photographer, which is Sinme, and alongside Tasha, there are Ren, Tomia and Miyuko. Spoiler alert: they are all adorable.

Our cute Korean cosplay girl has cosplayed for game game advertising since 2012, having done exclusive work for World of Warcraft, Diablo II, League of Legends, Dota 2, Blade & Soul, Starcraft II and more. Tasha has also appeared in advertisements for Microsoft Kinect and AMD branded PCs, among others. We'll surely see more of her around!

Tasha Cosplay pics

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