Yaya Han – One of the first professional cosplayer in the world

Yaya Han cosplaying with a Chun-Li costume from Street Fighter Yaya Han is an American cosplayer and costume designer. Yaya is internationally known as one of the most recognized costume designers, being a truly ambassador of cosplay all over the world. She's also an artistic model. Yaya Han is easy to spot on important geek/nerd events and conventions, being a regular judge at cosplay competitions. She was featured on the TV Show Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy channel. Han also made an apparition as a guest judge on the reality show "King of the Nerds" on TBS. Her Facebook page has more than 700 thousand likes, so yes, she's a real sensation.

Yaya Han was born on April 10, 1982, in China. Although she has lived in Xian and Guang Zhou (and also has passed through Germany and Las Vegas), she has fixed residence in the United States, on Atlanta, Georgia. With almost 14 years in the cosplay "business", Yaya has made numerous costumes all by herself. They're usually on the genres of anime, manga, video games, sci-fi and comic books, which are her main interests in life. She also loves to draw, paint, sew, do sculptures, crafting of various sorts, singing, reading, traveling, caving, hiking, shopping, and much more, as she states on her Facebook profile.

She remembers watching "Saint Seiya" at age 8, and according to her that's where it all started. Han is one of the first professional cosplayer in the world, since she started when cosplaying was much more of subculture and didn't got much attention as we can see now. She is very proud of being one of the most important cosplay ambassadors, making people respect more and more the cosplaying culture and all the crafting that is involved in it. Yaya Han has performed and hosted  over 100 conventions and events across the globe.

Yaya Han pics

You can see her in motion and hear her voice in this video of Yaya Han with her friend Jessica Nigri:

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