Yulya Bolotova – AKA Chrome Sensei

Yulya Bolotova on IMDBabes Today we bring you a stunning cutie with pics widely shared across the web. Although few people know her name or who she is, we at IMDBabes solved the mistery for you all. Her name is Yulya Bolotova and she's Russian (which is why most people can't find much info on her online). She's also referred to as Yulia Bolotova, Julia Bolotova and her cosplayer nickname Chrome Sensei. Among her pics, the one above is Yulya Bolotova's most famous on the web, alongside her others pics with red hair and a summer dress, which you can see on the gallery below.

Yulya Bolotova was born on December 2, 1993, what makes her 20 years old. Not only she is incredibly cute but she is very talented as well. Yulya is a cosplayer that also works producing costumes for selling. From wigs, to clothes and shoes. She went to art school when she was younger so she is well versed in sewing and costume making. You may find her with her cosplayer name which is Chrome Sensei.

Yulya loves oriental culture and is getting her major degree in Oriental Studies, at the History Department of ASU, a Russian college. She also goes to Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information for her Chinese major.

Although her pics are famous online, specially on image boards like Reddit and Imgur, Yulya Bolotova still has few followers on her social media profiles. Adding her Twitter and Instagram follows she doesn't even get to 2.000 users. Anyways, we hope she gets more famous and we can see more pics and characters beautifully portrait by her.

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Yulya Bolotova pics

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