Alexandra Bring – The Swedish Jen Selter

Alexandra Bring on IMDBabes Today we bring you one more fitness goddess that is quickly building up a name for herself on the web. The name of this beautiful blonde gym rat is Alexandra Brings, and she's Swedish. Not only a cute face and a fit body, Alexandra is one of the most famous fitness bloggers in Sweden. So yeah, Nordic girls are really fantastic.

With an incredible six-pack and a physique to make all the girl jealous, Alexandra Bring is often compared to Jen Selter, AKA "The Most Famous Butt on Instagram". The comparison usually revolves specially around on specific asset. Like Jen, Alexandra uses her Instagram to gain recognition and notoriety online, from where her pics are taken and shared all across the web, from fitness forums to image boards. One of her most famous pics is her wearing a "Yes I squat" t-shirt, that went viral.

Alexandra Bring currently has 320.000 followers on her Instagram account, plus 5 thousand on her Twitter and 27 thousand on her Facebook. She uses her social media profiles mostly to post her selfies at the gym (and we're not complaining!), but you'll also video exercises videos and some workout motivation. Although she is off to a good start, Alexandra is not yet on Jen Selter's level, who has over 4 million followers. Unlike Jen, Alexandra actually studied food and weight counseling. She professionally creates detailed exercise and diet schedules, and share valuable information on her fitness blog.

We currently haven't got more information on her, like her age or measurements, but we'll stay with our eyes sharp to keep this page updated. Until then, feel free to check out more of the Web Celebs featured on IMDBabes.

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