Anllela Sagra – Colombian fitness girl with AMAZING body

Anllela Sagra stunning pic at the gym Anllela Sagra is a Colombian 22-year-old fitness model who is real inspiration for all the gym rats out there. Feel free to take a look at a gallery of her best pics at the end of the post. You won't regret it!

Although Anllela started a career as a fashion designer, she did several gigs as a model, even though she was very thin. Because of her boyfriend, Anllela Sagra was initiated on the fitness world quickly developing muscle mass. After 3 years on this fitness journey Anllela became who we know: one of the most known personal trainers and online fitness celebrity. This lovely girls has tons of followers on her social networks, quite awesome!

Due to the effective and impressive workout modules, she gained popularity in the social community very fast. Later on, she started an online program which gave her a lot of visibility in the fitness world. She trains people online every day, based on their metabolic status. The physical training program is well organized and effective, which is why it attracts a huge number of new members. In her program she is concentrating on male and female transformation (B ripper) which seems bery effective. Her body blaster program is one of the effective and healthy models out there. where she trains people ona  body building program which includes basic, intermediate and advanced level workouts.

Overall she is one of the sharp and fittest online celebrities in this trending fitness world. Anllela Sagra abs are really impressive, as you can see on the GIF below. It's easy to see she's very proud of it.

Anllela Sagra at the gym

Anllela Sagra also focuses her content on a healthy diet program which is built to give faster effective results. There are thousands of beneficiaries are there from this online fitness program.

Her posters became viral, spreading through social networks. Millions of people has purchase  personalized Anllela Sagra posters online. Anllela Sagra YouTube videos are getting millions of subscriptions and her Facebook page has got millions of likes on every post. Anllela Sagra Instagram profile has an impressive number or 4 million followers.

There is a lot of before and after pics of Anllela Sagra avaiable and they are really impressive. Another thing people are very curious is about her boyfriend. He was the one who got her into bodybuilding, being a bodybuilder himself for several years.

Here is a Anllela Sagra interview if you want to hear her voice and see her in motion:

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Anllela Sagra pics

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