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Anna Nyström on IMDBabes Anna Nyström is a 22 year old fitness model from Stockholm, Sweden. Anna is taking the internet by storm with her workout selfies. She is really making a name for herself out there. We haven't got much info to build an Anna Nyström bio, but we'll keel this page update as we go. You should check out Anna Nyström's pictures at the end of this post, you won't regret it. Seriously, there's even some bikini pics.

Anna features are indeed very Swedish, with her blonde hair, light blue eyes and slim well-built figure. She reminds us of Alexandra Bring, her fellow Swedish fitness model. From what we now she has been living in Stockholm all her life, where she makes her money modelling. It's not hard to find Anna's pics around the web, specially her mirror selfies with gym clothes, which are widely shared across image boards and forums. It's a wonderful time to be living in, right?

This lovely fitness freak have a solid blog where she posts about her exercise routines, training and workout tips and nutrition stuff. Anna really dedicates her life to fitness, although she states she's also very interested in fashion in general. We haven't seen yet any normal modelling pics from her, only in the fitness category.

Anna Nyström Instagram is filled with workout pictures. Not surprisingly she has over 700 thousand followers there. She is a huge sensation not only among guys, but a lot of girls take her as a real inspiration and workout motivation. Anna Nyström Twitter only has a thousand of followers, which is weird.

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Here is a Anna Nyström GIF at the gym:

Anna Nyström gif working out

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Anna Nyström pics

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