Bella Falconi – Fitness inspiration babe

Bella Falconi on IMDBabes Bella Falconi is one of the most famous fitness models on the web. Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, this 28 years old fitness muse has been working out since she was 17. When she was 21, Bella Falconi went to the United States to study english. Since then, she has been living in Orlando, where she trains, works and study. Falconi is 5'2" (1,60m) tall, 121 lbs and has only 8% fat in her body. Her abdomen is Bella Falconi's signature, which she's very proud of (as you can quickly see on her Instagram profile).

Being a world reference in fitness, health and motivation, Bella lives a very busy life. She divides her time between work out training sessions, fitness modeling photo shoots and studying as a Nutrition graduate. Bella Falconi is also a certified life coach and USN America ambassador. She's also officially sponsored by Bodytech, Live Fitness Wear and USN.

Although she started working on a bank, Bella has decided to take a drastic turn on her life and dedicate herself to the fitness career. She started an early daily training before going to work, even having to study with night classes. Since then, she has achieved a lot of things, being the founder of Team Vitaflex (a suplements brand) and motivational speaker. Bella says her next step is writing a book and opening a gym on Orlando, Florida.  She's a real accomplisher and surely will have many more achievements on her fitness career and her personal life.

Bella is seen as an inspiration for many people, having over 900 thousand followers on her Instagram account, plus 400 thousand on her official Facebook page. She's very active online, since it became her career. She posts daily tips on health, training and motivation. Bella Falconi's fans sees her as true source of motivation.

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