Bianca Anchieta – That fitness girl you’ve seen all over the web

Bianca Anchieta on IMDBabes Bianca Anchieta is a Brazilian fitness model that became famous online with stunning photos showing the results of her workouts. Not only she has an amazing body, but she surely knows how to make money out of it. After becoming an web celebrity, she ended up being sponsored by numerous fitness brands, clothes, workout apparel and supplements. Bianca is originally from Brasília (Brazil's capital) but has moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she went to find more modeling jobs. She charges over 5 thousand reais (about 2,5 thousand dollars) just to make appearances at parties, night clubs and events.

After posting a photo with a friend on Facebook, Bianca Anchieta gained more than 5,000 followers on that same day and 100,000 at the end of the month. She said people were going after her, trying to find out where she worked (a shopping mall in Brasília at the time) and lived. Since then, Bianca smartly took advantage of her internet fame to post more and more pictures (lots of bikini pics!) and videos , becoming a real web celebrity. Bianca Anchieta has currently more than 1 million followers on Facebook and half of that number on Instagram. She has partnerships with more than 10 brands, which her advertise on her social media profiles and publicly wear the products.

As many web celebrities, Bianca has a legion of also fans and haters. While the fans adore her (even girls, who have her as workout inspiration), many haters say she worked out too much and her assets doesn't look natural anymore. If you check out her social profiles you'll see a lot of girls saying bad things about her, but I guess that's the price you pay for having a great body and all the web's spotlights, right?

Bianca Anchieta pics

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