Eva Andressa – Brazilian “Fitness Muse”

Eva Andressa on IMDBabes Eva Andressa Vieira is considered one of the biggest fitness models in the world. She's Brazilian, 29 years old and 1.64m tall. Eva was born in Curitiba, on the south part of Brazil, in December 19, 1984. She has been modeling in the fitness world for more than 10 years now. She is the only one who can be called "Fitness Muse" in Brazil, as she registered it as a brand name.

Her career started on 2002, when she entered the body building world. Eva won the first place two times in a row on her modality and had a lot of visibility, but after financial and personal problems on 2010 she had to put her career on hold. A couple years later, she was back, but now focused on fitness modeling. Eva is a real example of overcoming difficulties and getting back on your feet.

Eva Andressa is huge on Facebook and have an impressive number of almost 5 million fans. The social network was the main responsible for bringing  her back from her hiatus and she was the first real person to sign a recognition contract with Facebook as a success case study. She started posting pictures, giving work out recommendations, health tips and sharing her daily training with the audience. After earning a lot of fans there and having tons of daily comments on her pics, Eva saw the opportunity she had in her hands and started using her internet fame to sign modeling and merchandising contracts. She starred as cover girl on more than 20 magazines all over the world and on 2013 received an invitation to a photoshoot for the Brazilian men magazine "Sexy". She has also made an appearance on a Brazilian Funk music video for the band Bonde da Stronda.

Eva Andressa pics

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