Hannah Polites – Australian cuteness

Hannah Polites is an beautiful Australian girl famous for her Instagram account, which has over 200.000 followers. Hannah is from Melbourne, but currently lives on Gold Coast, Queensland. That's why she's always with a beautiful tan. On her Instagram, Hannah post pictures related to her favorite hobbies: fashion, fitness, food, travel, surfing, among others. If I could guess, I would say that most of her followers are really interested in the bikini pics. =P

Hannah describes herself as a real fitness freak, and that seems very accurate. We've seen a lot of pictures of her on workout clothes as well of bikini pics showing her well built body. So expect to see a lot of mirror selfies in gym clothes. And also, she loves to post pics of healthy foods (and a love of fruits). Hannah Polites lives in a beautiful city and the scenery of her pics makes everybody real jealous.

We don’t know much about her professional life, asides that Hannah do some modelling jobs. The girl has a beautiful body and should take advantage of that in order to make some money, as we've seen a lot of Instagram famous girls being sponsored by fitness brands and other products, like Bianca Anchieta and Valeria Orsini.

Hannah Polites pics

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