Jen Selter – The most famous butt on Instagram

Jen Selter (or Jennifer Selter) is a 20 years old fitness model from Long Island New York with a following base on Instagram and Facebook of more than 4 million people. Jen is know as the “most famous butt on Instagram” and not only she is very proud of that but she turned it into a career, becoming a fitness model. She says her passions are fitness, social media and photography so it comes really natural for her to keep her profiles updates with her selfies and workout pictures. And that's not a bad a thing, we love it! Her main interests, when not working out is shopping, going out with friends, reading, and hanging out with her family.

This girl pics are a huge sensation on image boards like Reddit, Imgur and other websites, like The Chive. Jen uses her social media profiles as a source of workout motivation to other people, so they can achieve their fitness goals. Selter's body is all natural and the result of an intense and daily workout. She has said on interviews that the only plastic surgery she ever made was a nose job. Because of that, she went to a lot of TV shows (like Good Morning America, where she taught how to do squats the right way) and gave a lot of interviews, sharing her fitness routine and workout tips for having a great body. Jen Selter recently signed with the sports agency Legacy Agency.

Selter have been asked about all the hater comments on her social media profiles, and she responds that they're awful, but as long as so many people post good comments, saying how much she inspired them, that won't be a problem for her. Jen Selter fame is so huge that she is often recognized on the streets and people ask to take photos with her.

Jen Selter pics

Or see her in motion on the video below:

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