Kate Sullivan – Fitness beauty from New Jersey

Kate Sullivan on IMDBabes We'll be eternally grateful to Instagram for all the babes it made web famous. Kate Sullivan is one of the many fitness model that aspires to make a living out of her Instagram fame. This blonde slim beauty has everything needed to became a famous fitness model: a skinny great beach body, beautiful hair and a very cute face. Oh, yes, and she spends her whole day at the gym, of course. She reminds us Hannah Polites, an Australian fitness model also famous on the web. Not much information on her can be found on the web so we really can tell her age or more personal info (we'll be working on keeping this page updated).

Kate Sullivan is a regular from New Jersey that loves electronic dance music. She even calls herself an EDM Babe on her Instagram profile, which has already more than 350 thousand followers. You can see by her pics that she goes to a lot of raves and electronic music events. Kate also loves animals and has a few dogs. Her main interest in life is fitness and modeling, as she is a real fashion enthusiast.

Pictures of Kate Sullivan have been featured on several websites across the web. Her first big appearance was on the website The Chive, on the regular "Find her" session. A picture of Kate was posted without a name and some users spotted her and shared her social media profiles. After that, Kate was featured on many websites like The Chive.

Kate uses her Instagram to promote products through merchandising, mostly fitness brands, so she can make some money out of her web fame.

Kate Sullivan pics

And if you want to take a look at that beauty in motion, I suggest the following quick video from her Instagram account:

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