Lais DeLeon – Fitness goddess Made in Brazil

Lais DeLeon on IMDBabes Lais DeLeon is a bikini and fitness model born in São Paulo, Brazil. She has lived and worked around the world, but she is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lais is 26 years old, 5'3'' tall and 100 lbs. She started training when she was 19 and now it became her personal and professional life, as it is her biggest hobby and main source of income. With her long brown hair and perfect olive skin, Lais DeLeon has been a huge success on the web. Not only she has over 600.000 followers on her social media profiles, Lais also have a website specialized in fitness and nutrition content. She also gives advice on that areas to her followers on her social media accounts, posting workouts, recipes and fitness motivation. She is extremely motivated and focused on her workout lifestyle and it's easy to see that when you get a glimpse of her Instagram account.

Lais has lived in Milan, Italy, for 4 years before coming back to the United States to focus on her modeling career there. Although she does various types of photoshoots, she's specialized in bikini, fitness and glamour photos. Lais DeLeon is a sponsored athlete of Nutrex, one of the most famous body building products brands in the world.

Our amazing fitness girl is a part of Vitrix Model Team and has been featured on Maxim magazine. It's easy to spot her pictures in image boards and all across the web, because of her perfect and well-built body. Not only she get the attention of the guys, but Lais DeLeon has a huge female audience, that follows her advices and see her as a real inspiration.

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Lais DeLeon pics

And I though you would enjoy to see her in motion, so here goes a small video of her in a workout photoshoot. You're welcome:

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