Nikki Blackketter – Ripped blonde bombshell from texas

Nikki Blackketter on IMDBabes Nikki Blackketter is a 23 years old fitness model from San Antonio, Texas. Nikki is known for her incredibly ripped well-built body. She really put a lot of so called fitness models on their places. If you don't believe us, just take a look at the gallery at the end of the post!

Not only this lovely gym rat blonde bombshell is majoring in advertisement, she also has 5 different jobs. Nikki works bottle service at a club, does marketing work for a liquor company, works at a restaurant waiting tables, does jobs in affiliation with Cellucor and works as a pet/house sitter. On her fitness career, Nikki won the Texas State Naturals: Runner Up-Bikini Class A award.

  Regarding her hobbies, Nikki Blackketter is pretty much the perfect girl. She loves to travel and she has two pets, a dog and a cat. Her favorite series are Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and her favorite food is breakfast. Oh, and she's naturally brunette, although she sure looks good as a blonde.

Her Youtube channel is a big hit, with more than 124k subscribers. There, Nikki share a lot of workout instruction videos. Just check it out and she how cute she is:

And she's specially known on the web for some amazing pics like the one below. Impressive, right?

Impressive pic of Nikki Blackketter  

On her Instagram profile, Nikki Blackketter has over 294k followers. She uses it to post daily pics of her gym routines and a lot of girls follow her for workout motivation.

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Nikki Blackketter pics

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