Adriana Alencar – Brazilian redhead with perfect ratio

Adriana Alencar on IMDBabes Today we bring you Adriana Alencar, a stunning Brazilian redhead model with a perfect ratio. We've seen her pics for a long time on various websites, but finally we found her name and a lot of pics for your appreciation. You can find them at the end of this post.

Although Adriana is not the Brazilian cliche you would imagine, she has got amazing features. This lovely redhead was born in 30 September, 1986, what makes her 26 years old. Her full name is Adriana Alencar Barreto and she's from São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in Brazil (and in the world). Asides from modeling, Adriana states on her Facebook profile that she started working as an actress on 2013. Even though we haven't seen movies or shows with her, we would sure love to see her in motion. Oh, and we have some bad news: she's engaged.

Adriana Alencar has lovely curves and a perfect waist, what made her pic with a Jack Daniels T-shirt really famous across the web. It was posted on many forums and image boards leaving guys wondering who she was. Another famous pic of her is the one Adriana is wearing a Ramones T-shirt, which you can check out on the gallery below. So, asides from an incredible body and a lovely face, Adriana Alencar has also a great taste for music. Seems like she's the perfect girl, right? Well, we would love Adriana in some bikini pics, but we are happy enough with her beautiful green eyes. Be tuned for updates.

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Adriana Alencar pics

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