Alana Blanchard – Great surfer, beautiful model

image Alana Blanchard is a 24 years old American professional surfer from the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Asides from having a brilliant surfing career, she does bikini modeling jobs on the side and is involved in Rip Curl’s bikini design. Alana Blanchard learned how to surf when she was just 4 years old and started competing at the age of 9.

She is one of the greatest female surfers and have won a lot of competitions, especially on 2007 when she earned the 1st place in a series of events, like Women’s Pipeline Championships in Hawaii, Rip Curls Girls Festival Jr. Pro in Spain, Roxy Pro Trials in Haleiwa, Billabong Pro Pre Trials in Hookipa and Volcom Pufferfish Surf Series in Pinetrees. Alana is sponsored by really big brands like Rip Curl, GoPro, Channel Islands, Rockstar, Surf One, Sanuk, SB Surfboards, Sticky Bumps, SPY Optic, Future Fins, Hanalei Surf Online, JN Mazda, Vertra Elemental Resistance, among others.

Alana was elected the seventh sexiest athlete on 2013 and has won the Surfer magazine feminine surfer award. She was even featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition on 2013. Her talent, beauty and cuteness sums up, resulting in more than 1.5 million followers on her social media profiles. She even has her own show, the "Surfer Girl", by Network A, which is a reality show about her professional surfer and model life in Kauai. She really looks like a simple girl, who loves surfing, the sun, going to the beach, modeling and spending time with her dogs. Although she became really famous with her modeling, she says that surfing is her priority in life.

Alana Blanchard is best friends with the surfer Bethany Hamilton, and was present when she was a victim of a shark attack and sadly lost her arm.

Alana Blanchard pics

And check out this video if you wanna see Alana in motion:

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