Anel Rodriguez – Mexican TV host and model. “Mamacita!”

Anel Rodriguez on IMDBabes Anel Rodriguez (or Anel Monterrey) is a Mexican model and TV host from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Although she's was only known in Mexico, her pics are shared all over the web on image boards (specially Imgur), forums and famous websites, leaving everybody asking: who is this latina goddess? Her pics are shared a lot of times as a "Mamacita" meme. Anel lives up to the myth of Mexico being one of the countries with most beautiful girls in the world.

Born in December 19, 1990, in Monterrey, Anel Rodriguez works at the Mexican TV channel Multimedios, being one of the hosts of the show "Las Noches del Futbol", which would translate at "Nights of Soccer". The shows air every tuesdays and thursdays. Damn, we wish we had that channel.

Anel Rodriguez is a fun and goofy girl, with an incredible body. A real female body with curves, not like skinny models we see out there, and that makes men imagination run wild. Even though there's not much info online about her, we know that she's a very nice girl, that loves to model and dance. She treats her fans very well on her social media profiles, trying to answer and interact with them as much as possible.We hope she continues being featured on TV Shows and her pics don't stop being shared on the web. She should probably have an Youtube channel, right? This way non-Mexicans could see more of her. We would surely like that.

Anyways, stay tuned for updates, as we will keep on looking for more info on her and new pics.

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Anel Rodriguez pics

And if you to see Anel in motion, I suggest the following video of her on the TV Show "Las Noches del Futbol":

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