Anna Faith – AKA Elsa, The Snow Queen

Anna Faith Carlson AKA Elsa, The Snow Queen, is a stunning blonde with an amazing smile. She’s a incredibly beautiful model from Florida and have been a huge hit on the web with her pic next to Elsa, the Snow Queen, from Disney’s animated movie Frozen.

Anna is only 18 years old and a huge Disney fan, but never had been so much on the spotlight as now that her ‘Elsa pic’ went viral. The picture was posted on Instagram on 23 March 2014 and since then she achieved more than 180,000 followers on the social network. She's one of those perfect looking girls, what draws some hate from other chicks, as you can see on the comments on her social media pics.

There isn't much information about her online, but as far as known Anna do modeling jobs. We've seen some pictures on her Instagram of bikini photoshoots, which you can see at the end of this post. Anna Faith has amazing features and a perfect face and for sure will be very successful in modeling. There is no doubt that all the exposure she got when her picture went viral helped her getting modeling jobs. We are currently living in a world where because of a viral post you can turn up being a celebrity from night to day, and Anna Faith is a nice example of that.

And if anything goes wrong in her life, she can always make a living as an Elsa The Snow Queen cosplayer. Or at least apply for a Disney movie.

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Anna Faith pics

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