Chelsey Mac – Brunette tattooed goddess

Chelsey Mac on IMDBabes Chelsey Mac is a stunning tattooed Canadian model that is very close to perfection. Not only she has amazing blue eyes and long black hair, this brunette is an inked beauty with pale white skin. Chelsey is 5'7'', 130 lbs and a real raven haired inked beauty. She was born in April, 11, 1986, what makes her 28 years old. Chelsey Mac is Canadian and Australian citizen, currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She grew up in Ontario, but went to high school in Australia, where she also attended college.

Aside from modeling, since she doesn't work full time with that, Chelsey has other works that helps her pay the bills. She works as a Graphic Design, Event Coordinator, Marketing and Advertising. Pretty versatile. Chelsey has been to college twice, one time in Beauty Therapy and the other in Design and Advertising.

Chelsey Mac's childhood was filled with sports activities. She spent 12 years competing in gymnastics and got to be a national level diver in Australia. Aside from sports, Chelsey's says her main hobbies are drinking coffee, traveling, snowboarding, skateboarding, body boarding, partying, shopping online, and eating at great restaurants. So Chelsey Mac looks like a real active and fun girl to hang out with.

Chelsey style is awesome and very unique and that has earned her a lot attention on niches like rockabilly, goth and tattoos publications. She has been featured on magazine, music videos, album covers, tattoo photoshoots, websites and advertisements for niche brands, like Von Zipper History Clothing, Ostlund Custom Works, Nervosa, Dark Hero and many others. Chelsey says her friends define her style as a "Goth-Barbie" and she doesn't seen to mind that.

She is now based on Alberta, living with her husband Rhys and their two pug dogs, called Wednesday and Pugsley.

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