Christiane Kroll – Danish/Spanish model with perfect body

Christiane Kroll on IMDBabes Christiane Kroll is a fine example of how a nationality mix can turn out just perfect. She a Danish/Spanish model and actress with a perfect body and a cute face. Chritiane was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have studied in Madrid, Spain, on the American School of Madrid.

We came across her pics on photo shoots with her Brazilian friend Carol Seleme (already featured here) and became totally obsessed. They pair up perfectly. Christi herself could easily pass through as a Brazilian, because of her beautiful features inherited from her mixed nationalities. On her Instagram account, Christiane Kroll presents herself as a Cultured-Liberal-Feminist, although we are not very sure what that means. For us, we just think she's incredible.

Although she travels a lot for her jobs, Christiane is currently living in Los Angeles, California, dedicating herself fully to her modeling and acting career. Christiane Kroll has made appearances on the movies Keepin' It Real Estate (2011), Beach Bar: The Movie (2012), Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (2013) and American Beach House (2014), which she was shooting with  Mischa Barton from the OC. Ok, the movies aren't great, but she makes up for it. Hopefully she will appear on many more, for our delight. Until them, we can enjoy her pics on several modeling photo shoot across the web. One of her most famous ones are Dinasty Series.

Christiane Kroll has made appearances on a few music videos, like Young De's "Bitty in my bed" (with also a participation of Carol Seleme) and mostly recently in Pusha T's song "Sweet Serenade".


Christiane Kroll pics

And here is a little video for you from her Instagram for you to see this beauty in motion. Hope you enjoy it:

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