Claudia Sampedro – Cuban beauty with a perfectly built body

Claudia Sampedro on IMDBabes Claudia Sampedro is a incredible Cuban model born in Havana. When she was just 6 years old, she moved to the United States with her parents who are both Colombians. She has been living in Miami, Florida since then. Claudia Sampedro is 23 years old and has been modelling since she was 16. She started working for John Casablancas at the Elite Models agency. Amazingly, Claudia Sampedro has a 5 year old daughter. She spends a lot of her time at the gym (2 hours everyday), maintaining a incredible well built body, even for young girls who aren't moms yet. She really raises the standards.

A lot of people ask if Claudia Sampedro had breast implants. She have said on interviews that she had had two of them, although all of her other body assets are natural. Claudia is often compared to Kim Kardashian and that doesn't upset her, although she thinks there isn't much to compare between them.

This Cuban beauty have pictures all over the web, on image forums like Reddit and Imgur, and websites like Sneakhype, Heavy and TheChive. Recently Claudia Sampedro was featured in a lot of celebrity news website for dating Julius Peppers, the football player who signed a deal wih the Green Bay Packers this year. Apparently Claudia has a thing for football players, since she previously dated Reggie Bush, the New Orleans Saint's running back. Such affair with famous football players have contribute to the huge fan base on her social media profiles. On her Instagram alone, Claudia Sampedro has over 700.000 followers, with over 300.000 fans on Facebook and Twitter together.

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Claudia Sampedro Pics

Her are two more photos of her Instagram page that I though you might like:

Claudia Sampedro taking a selfie Claudia Sampedro at a boat

Here is a gif of Claudia Sampedro in a work out routine at the gym:

And why not a gif of one of her modelling photo shoots?

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