Devin Brugman – A GODDESS from Oakland

image Devin Brugman is an American model and bikini addict, from Oakland, California. She runs alongside with Natasha Oakley the awesome project A Bikini A Day. And I say awesome, because it really is. It’s two best friends and roommates that travel the world doing different bikini shots everyday. Although it began as web page directed to the female audience so they could get up to date with the latest bikini trends, obviously became a sensation with the male audience (I wonder why). Devin is 21 and currently single (good news right?).

Although Devin was born in Oakland, she grew up in Maui where she moved to when she was just 4 years old. At 18, Devin Brugman became a model in LA. Today, some people call her the “bikini queen of Instagram” and I personally agree on that. Devin is a huge sensation on Instragram, having more than 470.000 followers. While pretty Devin obviously has the looks, she also got the brains. She goes to business school at Mount St. Mary's College, which is helping her on running her business with Tash Oakley. One of the main reasons of her becoming a web celebrity is probably her very beautiful real body, what most women can identify themselves with. She' s not like the skinny and out of proportion regular cover girls, Devin looks like a real and beautiful woman.

Devin Brugman loves to blog on her Tumblr, spending the day at the beach, studying business and traveling around the globe. She says her favorite city in the whole world is Monaco, in France, where she went when 15 years old and dreams in going back.

Devin Brugman pics

And if you guys wanna see Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley in motion, I suggest the following video:

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