Devon Jade – Web’s favorite freckled blonde

Devon Jade on IMDBabes You probably seen those cute freckles on the web before. The name of this beauty is Devon Jade and she's an Caucasian 18 years old model and art student from Gig Harbor, Washington, US. With her blue (or greenish) eyes, amazing lips and beautiful freckles, Devon has got pics all over the web, specially on image boards and forums, like Reddit, Imgur and others. This girl has a real angelic face, what leaves everybody wondering "who is this girl?".

So let's cover all the info we have on her. Devon Jade was born on April 4, 1996, and is 5' 6'' tall and 115 lbs. She has been modeling for two years since she started her career doing photoshoots with her family, that is really interested in photography. After that, Devon started devoting herself to that career. The girl really have the looks and the talent for it, and her look is very unique and exotic, what makes a perfect fit for finding her own space in the modeling world. She's has been working on the glamour and fashion segments. Her most shared pictures across the internet are a product of her photoshoot with the very talented photographer Aaron Tyree, who took the picture above and happens to be her mother husband.

Her talents are not limited to modeling. Devon Jade attends to the Tacoma School of Arts in Washington and is also a musician.  She has uploaded some of her original songs on Youtube, and they are really cool. You can check one of them at the end of the post. So if she doesn't make it as a model, Devon for sure could be an singer/songwriter. Seriously, just take some minutes to take a look at her video in all of her cuteness.

As stated by her, Devon's other hobbies and interests are painting, ukulele, taxidermy, the ocean, donuts and kitties. Cute, huh?

Devon Jade pics

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