Dolly Castro – The Real Social Media Queen

Dolly Castro Dolly Castro is one of the few models that are known for their humbleness instead of their physique. With 3.3 million followers on Twitter and 800 thousand fans on Facebook she soon will be targeting Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

In Childhood, she had a dream of being a Chef, but her father wanted her to become a lawyer. And she did what her father ordered. But after studying eight semesters of Law School she realized that was not for her. She didn’t want to be one of those who do it for the money, she followed her heart and with a slight help from her friends she moved to Miami to pursue her dream.

And it took Dolly Castro only few months, she was on the covers of various magazines all over the country. But “Only Modeling” was just not enough for her, she started giving fitness tips.

Dolly Castro

She wanted to inspire people to stop complaining and start working for battering themselves.

Apart from her gorgeous looks and excellent physique, she took good advantage of social media which helped her voice reaching every corner of the earth. Most of her tweets consist of fitness tips, just to motivate people on how to carry themselves and to be confident in what they have. For this purpose, she also started her clothing line called DC Couture. “It was dedicated to allow women to feel and look good in their workout clothes and swimwear so that they could have that extra boost of confidence.”

Dolly Castro

According to her the turning point of her life was the birth of her daughter, because she wanted to set a good example for her daughter.

The way Dolly used social media to change the life of others, she sets a perfect example of how to do big with limited resources.

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