Emily Rudd – Dark hair and light eyes perfection

Emily Rudd on IMDBabes Emily Rudd is one of those lovely girls that you just want to make your girlfriend and introduce to your mother. With her long brown hair and stunning blue eyes, Emily is worshiped around the web, on image boards, forums and various websites. Emily Rudd is 21 years and works as a model, although she defines herself also as a an actress. She currently lives in Wisconsin, but she's from Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she works and goes to school. Emily Studies theater performance, as she is an aspiring actress. We hope to see her on movies and TV shows, since she is very talented and will probably get there.

This lovely brunette is 5'4" tall and 110 lbs. Emily Rudd measurements are 32" - 24" - 36" and she has a stunning slim figure. Her beauty is really remarkable, what gave her thousands of fan pages and tributes from her fans all over the world. You'll see a lot of Emily Rudd pics and gifs on sites like Imgur, Reddit and TheChive.

On her free time, Emily loves to spend time with her friends, reading, drinking coffee and tea, and adventuring. As she states on her Tumblr blog, "she like staying busy and pushing myself to go outside of my comfort zone". Well, she looks like a really fun and cool girl to hang out with. And also easy on the eyes, no doubt on that. Emily Russ has over 27 thousand followers on the Instagram profile and 8 thousand more on her Twitter account. She very active on those social networks, always posting updates about what she's doing and her whereabouts.

Dark hair and light eyes is an amazing combination indeed. If you like it, you should check out Chelsey Mac profile, over here. You won't regret it.

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