Ewelina Olczak – Polish model from famous catwalk GIF

Ewelina Olczak on IMDBabes Ewelina Olczak is an incredibly good looking Polish model who became most famous on the web because of a catwalk bikini GIF, which you can check out below. A lot of people compared it with that Kate Upton famous runaway GIF, but we consider this one so much better.

Ewelina Olczak GIF

Ewelina Olczak was born on August 24, 1990 on Stargard Szczecinski, Poland. She started her career when she was just 15 years old, in Tokyo. She was discovered by Julie Provenzano, who chose her to represent the French modeling agency "Viva". She later took part at he Viva Look '05 contest, in Poland, being a huge success. Nowadays, Ewelina works as an independent model and has done modelling gigs for several different fashion agencies. It seems that her main genre is bikini and swimsuit modelling.

This 24 years old goddess is 5'9" (175 cm) and has amazing features, besides her pretty blonde hair and her stunning green eyes. Ewelina Olczak perfect measurements are 34" - 23" - 35". She has a beautiful body, yet kind of curvy for a model, which we consider great.

Now a few curiosities. Her nickname is Ewe and her main hobbies in life are yoga, writing poems and traveling around the globe. It's hard to find information about this lovely girl online, since she doesn't have any social media personal profiles. So there's kind of a mystery around her, and she is often referred to as Victoria Macreatis. We will keep this page updated as soon as we get more info on this incredible babe.

Until then, we suggest you take a look at another stunning Polish model: Karolina Debczynska. You won't regret it. 😉

Ewelina Olczak pics gallery

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