Gabriella Lenzi – Brazilian model rumored to date Neymar

Gabriella Lenzi on IMDBabes Gabriella Lenzi is an incredible beautiful young Brazilian model that became more famous across world's media site for being a possible Neymar affair (yes, the Brazilian soccer player). Although people claim to have spotted her with the soccer player, both of them denied any involvement. Anyway, the rumors were enough to make Gabriella Lenzi a real celebrity and to make her Instagram reach the 400.000 followers mark. She was featured on several gossip magazines and websites. Gabriella was even featured on Esquire's website, on the section "Women we love on Instagram".

This amazing Brazilian model was born on 22 September and is 20 years old. Gabriella is from Jaraguá do Sul, on the south part of Brazil, mostly known for it's beautiful women. Not only she works as a model, but she goes to college, attending Fashion Design classes on Santa Catarina. She dreams on living on the United States to dedicated herself to a true modeling career, which is totally possible, since we known how Brazilian models are loved across the world. We thinkg Gabriella Lenzi has the looks for it.

Gabriella is a very humble girl and says she's intrigued with the number of followers on her social medial profiles since she just post personal pictures and don't share any fitness information or workout motivation, like Eva Andressa, in example. She's daughter of Alessander Lenzi, a famous Brazilian Jet Skier. Gabriella herself has own the national amateur Jet Ski freestyle championship twice. Naturally she loves going to the beach (as we can see on her Instagram profile) and practicing sports. One of Lenzi's favorite hobbies is Flyboard, a board with water jets. Crazy.

Gabriella Lenzi pics

Check out this quick gif of Gabriella Lenzi, it's just perfection. If you don't love her after that, we just don't know what wrong if you... Gabriella Lenzi on the beach gif

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