Georgia Salpa – Irish-Greek supermodel

Brace yourselves for Georgia Salpa, the 28 years old amazing Greek model that is very close to perfection. She was born in 1985 in Athens. Her mother was Irish and her father Greek. Later on, Salpa moved to Dublin, Ireland. That was when she was five. Georgia has modeled since secondary-school and have made several TV appearances, including the United Kingdom Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother. She’s currently married to Joe Penna.

Georgia Salpa has made other appearances on TV, on shows like The Podge and Rodge Show, Republic of Telly, Catwalk to Kilimanjaro and Celebrity Salon. She was elected as the fifth sexiest women by FHM magazine in 2012, and since then has starred several times in a lot of publications. Salpa was also featured as cover girl for the 2013’s FHM sexiest women publication. So you can see she really has been on the spotlights.

She says her bad habits are being extremely messy and loving her bed too much. Salpa Loves Greek and Japonese food and loves to exercise. On interviews she said that modeling was never her dream until recently, and that she was a nerd in high school. Hard to imagine, right? Georgia says that if she wasn't a model, she would like to work as a fashion buyer.

The Greek-Irish supermodel says she loves to work in Ireland, because the modeling scene isn't too hardcore and you don't have to be a really skinny model to find jobs. And that's really cool, because Georgia has an amazing body, but with natural curves. She's not like the regular skinny models.

Although 28 years old is a later age for models, I bet we are still going to hear a lot about Georgia Salpa, since she has been climbing the celebrity ladder steadily for a long time.

Georgia Salpa pics

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