Jessica Burciaga – J-Lo and Kim Kardashian lookalike

Jessica Burciaga on IMDBabes The 32-year old Jessica Burciaga is an inspiration for all those who want to make their own identity. Started her career at a very young age, she was often compared to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian because of her resemblance to Social Media Queens. But now with 1.5 million followers on Instagram and Facebook fans touching 300 Thousand she is no less than an Internet celebrity herself.

Born to a Mexican father and Half French Half Irish mother, she brought a very unique decent in the modeling industry. She has two brothers Blake Burciaga and Duke Burciaga.

She started modeling in 2005, submitted few snaps to Stuff Magazine. And they just couldn’t resist after seeing the jaw-dropping snaps of Jessica and they immediately brought her to New York for a photoshoot.

Jessica Burciaga looking good

She won stuff magazines “Neighborhood Knockout” competition and many people started labeling her the next face of American modeling industry. Stuff Magazine awarded a 4-page spread in the magazine, $5,000 and an appearance as a ring girl in EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 video game.

She later appeared on numerous magazines including Maxim, Playboy, Modified Mag, Import Tuner, Performance Auto & Sound, Lowrider, Show Latina and many more. Apart from modeling she also worked as part-time Blackjack Dealer at the Playboy club in Las Vegas. According to her modeling has made her lazy “I just can’t get up in the morning, or be on time” she said. OK! This might forced her to start her own business, an online clothing boutique

Jessica Burciaga amazing pic at the beach

She is rumored to be dating Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather Jr. but there are no such proofs of it. According to some articles published on U.S news magazines she is accused of being “the other woman” in Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant’s relationship.

She loves to have her photos taken on the beach and this might be the reason that 70% of her Facebook pictures are captured on the beach. She describes herself as a beach bum and an animal lover.

Ignoring the fact that she is only 5’2” she climbed all the mountains of success that she had in her reach. Despite of being compared to J-Lo and Kim Kardashian she made her own identity. Jessica Burciaga is an example to all girls out there who want to start their career in modeling.

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Jessica Burciaga pics

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