Jessica Green – Australian brunette with green eyes

Jessica Green on IMDBabes Jessica Green is a stunning Australian model and actress. She was born in Tasmania on February, 1993, what makes her 21. Jess has the ultimate combo: fine dark hair and amazing green eyes. Some refer to her as the Australian Megan Fox, although we don't really see the resemblance. This lovely brunette is 5'9" tall (1.75m) and has been modeling since she was 14 years old.

Since Jessica Green moved from Tasmania to Queensland in 1996 she started many hobbies, like dancing, singing and competing in sports. She decided her true passion would be modeling and acting. Nowadays, Jessica Green is the ambassador of Australian brands like Probioskin, Cellini Australia, Bella Bronze tan and Oscar Oscar Salons. She has done many photo shoots, including a swimsuit one for Victoria's Secret.

Jessica's acting career started on 2010, when she had her first acting role. She played one of the lead characters "Kiki" in"Lighting Point" (Alias Alien Surf Girls). One that television series, she had to horseback ride and surf.

She is also a true web celebrity online, since her pics are widely shared across the web. She was featured on websites like The Chive, SourceFed and many others. Jessica Green Instagram has over 250.000 followers, and you can see the best pics she post there on the gallery at the end of the post.

Seems like Jess is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

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Jessica Green pics

And below is a Jessica Green video. I known it's just a video of her advertising some Probioskin product, but just to see her in motion and hearing her voice is hypnotizing anyway.

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