Joselyn Cano – Cute face and an incredible waist

Joselyn Cano on IMDBabes Joselyn Cano is an American model, currently living in Huntington Beach, California. Originally from Anaheim, she's 23 years old and was born in March 14, 1991. Joselyn is 5'5'' tall (or 1,65m), 115 lbs and has unbelievable measures with 34'' bust and hips and a 24'' waist that makes all the girls in the world jealous. This fitness model has almost 1 million followers on her social media profiles all together, which is pretty impressive.

With long brown hair and hazel eyes, this hispanic looking beauty is  a fitness addict and enthusiast. You can see by her posts that she is one of those girls that spends her whole day at the gym and it's very proud of that. Joselyn Cano has a very strict workout routine and is a convict vegetarian. Her main asset is her tiny waist that make the girls go nuts wanting to know how she got it and what kind of exercise advices she would give. For us, we would say her whole body is perfect and she's a got a very cute face. So yeah, Joselyn Cano has got awesome curves and the perfect look.

Joselyn Cano has been featured on several magazines, like Low Rider, Import Tuner, MMA Sports, Knockout and many other less known publications. She always does endorsement for fitness product brands. Although we don't have many information of her available on the web (aside from all those great pics of course), we know she goes to college (although we don't know her major), speaks a very good spanish, love dogs and her nickname is Josey.

Joselyn Cano pics

And if you want to see a little bit of her in motion, check out the following video she posted in her Instagram account:

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